Monday, March 4, 2013

The SBMA Labor Department

About Us

One of the principal objectives of SBMA is to create jobs through vibrant economic activity in order to address the needs of the people of the cities and municipalities surrounding the former Subic Bay Naval Base (Sec. 113, I.R.R., R.A. 7227).

The SBMA adopts a policy of industrial peace, harmony and productivity within the SBF giving due consideration to the new concept of the Freeport in order to establish a business and commercial atmosphere which encourages investments and simultaneously promotes and enhances the lives and dignity of all workers.

To help attain this objective, a Labor Center responsible for studying and amicably settling professional and labor relations and disputes, interpretation of employment contracts, and monitoring work hygiene and safety standards within the SBF, was established within the SBMA. (Chap. X, C. Sec. 115, I.R.R. of R.A. 7227).

Our Mission

To promote and develop responsive and pro-active initiatives and programs through a holistic approach in pursuit of providing the locators/investors and other clients with excellent customer service not only the needed number of workers with proper skills but also attain harmony, productivity, work values and industrial peace within SBF.

Our Functions

  • Helping investors augment and source their employment requirements;
  • Assisting foreign nationals secure work visas and work permits;
  • Studying and amicably settling professional and labor relations disputes;
  • Assisting investors in sourcing available support services from the adjoining cities/municipalities of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone; and
  • Establishing training programs to meet future employment requirements of its investors.


  • Manpower Sourcing Services
  • Endorsement for Issuance of Entry/Exit Pass for SBFZ Investors/Locators (Initial/Renewal)
  • Endorsement for Issuance of Alien Employment Permit (AEP)
  • Endorsement for Issuance of Provisional Permit to Work (PPW)
  • Endorsement for Issuance of Special Work Permit (SWP)
  • Issuance of Certificate of Accreditation (Manpower Services, Janitorial/Messengerial Services, Security Services and Other Port Related Services)
  • Endorsement for Issuance of Entry/Exit Pass for SBFZ Accredited Service Contractors